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The Japan Woodwind Competition began in 1990 for young gifted flutists and clarinetists at a small town "Tojo" in Hyogo prefecture, when the town newly built one of the finest middle-size concert halls in Japan: "The Cosmic Hall". The concert hall and the competition immediately became famous in young musicians across Japan.
In 2006, Tojo was merged into Kato-city as a result of municipal merger, and the management of the Japan Woodwind Competition and the Cosmic Hall was transferred to Kato Bunka Sinko Zaidan. In 2016, the non-profit organization "Feel the breeze of Kato" took over the management of the hall and the competition.

One of the key feature of the Japan Woodwind Competition is to hold the competition at the  concert hall from the first round to the final round. All contestants enjoy brilliant sound of our concert hall. While not many competitions can use a concert hall from the first round due to limitation of budget and schedule of the concert hall, we achieved it by taking advantage of managing both the hall and the competition.

As many distinguished performers say, the acoustic properties of a hall does matter.
We are doing our best to offer a comfortable environment for contestants, not only the concert hall but also warm welcome and supports by volunteers. It is our pleasure to see all contestants can concentrate to display their maximum ability at their stage.
We believe that is a part of the reasons why our winners are performing at many renowned orchestras as principals or soloists, and also go beyond the concert hall - such as music education for young generations.
To enjoy our winner's performance, please visit our YouTube Playlist.

In order to continue being the home of this astonishing competition and providing inspired musical experiences to audiences widely, we are continuously challenging ourselves to be better.
Your generous support is very important as it makes it possible for us to accomplish our mission.

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