Most of receptions at hotels and lodging do not support English, except for the Hotel Green Plaza. We recommend to reserve Hotel Green Plaza if you are not familiar with Japanese.

For visitors who stay in urban area, please understand the highway have  heavy traffic jam in morning between Osaka to Tojo and your travel schedule could delay more than 1.5 hour.  Plan your travel schedule to arrive at the venue at least 2.5 hours before your performance time.

  • Practice in hotels are not allowed.
  • Notify hotels that you are attending Japan Woodwind Competition when you make a reservation.
  • To cancel or change your reservation, contact your hotel directly.
  • Please do not break hotels curfew if it is set.

Hotel Green Plaza

Online reservation
317 Aza Higashiyama, Mawaribuchi, Kato-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL. +81 795-44-1300
FAX. +81 795-44-1427

Price (discounted for the competition)

Twin (per person):
JPY 7000 (no breakfast and dinner) (10/6 : 12000)
JPY 8000 (with breakfast, no dinner) (10/6 : 13000)
JPY 10000 (with breakfast and dinner)  (10/6 : )

JPY 9000 (no breakfast and dinner) (10/6 : 17000)
JPY 10000 (with breakfast, no dinner) (10/6 : 18000)
JPY 12000 (with breakfast and dinner) (10/6 : 20000)

When you reserve your room, notify you are attending the Japan Woodwind Competition.

Access to the venue

10 min. by car
There will be free buses to the venue.

Nabeya Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel)

Website (in Japanese)
475 Tenjin, Kato-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL. +81 795-47-0016
FAX. +81 795-47-1472

Reception Hours 9:00~23:00
Curfew 23:00

Price (for 1 person, no single room)
JPY 5300 (no breakfast and dinner)
JPY 5900 (with breakfast, no dinner)
JPY 6900 (with dinner, no breakfast)
JPY 7500 (with breakfast and dinner)

Access to the venue

8 min. by walk


1134-211, Kami-mikusa, Kato-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL. +81 795-44-0031
FAX. +81 795-44-1096

Reception Hours 9:00~17:00
Check in : 15:00
Check out : 9:00
Curfew 22:00
Breakfast  7:30 ~ 9:00
Lunch  11:30~13:00
Dinner 17:00~19:30

Price(for 1 person, no single room)
Japanese style rooms for 5, 8 and 20 peoples.

  • Adults : JPY 4,834, dinner JPY 2,160, breakfast JPY 730
  • Collage students : JPY 4,320, dinner JPY 1,646, breakfast JPY 730
  • High-school students : JPY 4,115, dinner JPY 1,646, breakfast JPY 730

Make reservation for dinners and breakfasts.

Access to the venue

15 min. by car
There will be free buses to the venue.

Ureshinodai Lifelong Education Center

Website(in Japanese)
1227-18 Shimokume, Kato-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL. +81 795-44-0714
FAX. +81 795-44-1185

Reception Hours 9:00~17:00
Curfew 22:00


Western style room (up to 2 peoples)
JPY 2250 (per person, no unit bath room)

Japanese style room (up to 3 peoples)
JPY 2250 (per person, no unit bath room)

Make a reservation for breakfast and dinner 2 days before your arrival.
(not included in room prices)

Access to the venue

15 min. by car
There will be free buses to the venue.