About Laureate Concert for 2019 Winner

Laureate Concert for Japan Woodwind Competition (clarinet) 2019 winner, Mr. Gervasio Tarragona Valli, has been canceled due to the novel corona virus pandemic.

The non-profit organization “Feel the breeze of Kato” will invite Mr. Gervasio Tarragona Valli once the epidemic is controlled and the border enforcement measures that denies entry of foreign nationals is lifted. Due to government’s request to avoid the three Cs, the program and artists except for Mr. Valli might be reconsidered. We will do our best to satisfy both the winner and our audiences as much as we can.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support to the Japan Woodwind Competition.

Non-profit organization “Feel the breeze of Kato”
Administrative Director
Tomiyuki Dohi

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