Compulsory Works

The 29th Japan Woodwind Competition (Flute) 2018

1st Round

Perform one unaccompanied flute solo music composed in the 20th century or later.
Performance time: 5 min.

2nd Round

Perform one work from pieces listed below.

(a) J.S. Bach: Partita a-moll BWV1013
* ignore repeats

(b) C.P.E. Bach: Sonata a-moll
* ignore repeats

3rd Round

Perform one work each from category 1 and category 2.
Total performance time, with intermission between two selected works, must be within 20 minutes.

Category 1

(a) Casella: Sicilienne et Burlesque
(b) Dutilleux: Sonatine
(c) Jolivet: Chant de Linos
(d) Karg-Elert: Sinfonische Kanzone
(e) Martin: Ballade
(f) Sancan: Sonatine

Category 2

(a) Böehm: Fantasie über ein Thema von Schubert
(b) Demersseman: 6e Solo de Concert F-dur Op.82
(c) Demersseman: Grande Fantaisie de Concert sur “Oberon”
(d) Kuhlau: Introduktion und Variationen über ein Thema aus Carl Maria von Webers “Euryanthe”
(e) Taffanel: Fantaisie sur “Le Freischütz”
(f) Taffanel: Grande Fantaisie sur Mignon-Opera Comique D‘Amboroise Thomas

Final Round

Perform one concerto by memory from the ones listed below.

(a) Mozart: Konzert G-dur KV313
(b) Mozart: Konzert D-dur KV314


1. The edition or publisher of each work should be chosen by the competitor.
2. Choice of pieces for all rounds must be reported in the registration form. The choice can’t be modified after your registration is submitted.
3. Performances except for those in final round could be terminated by jury, however, it does not affect to performer’s score.